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wingtip shoes

What is wingtip shoes ?

The wingtip shoe was born many years ago in Europe and now creating marks in the life fashionista. It has an exemplary style fabulous look stunning shines. The Wingtips look little different or an extension of brogues shoes. The wingtip shoes color association makes it jewel they are not just shoes.

The wingtip shoes have decorative perforation all across like Bourges shoes but with added color changes in the front tip of the shoes or in the side wings of the shoes makes it wingtip. The wingtip shoes never have the status to be a part of dress shoes. They are more than casual shoes, if you think you can wear in corporate meeting then you will put yourself in trouble. Always wear wingtip shoes in glorified casual meetings, not on formal calls.

What is the difference between wingtip and Borges shoes?

There is a very common sign to identify between wingtip and Bourges, which is color. The brogues usually made of a single color with decorative perforation.The wingtip made of two colors and color changes could be differentiated at any place but most common are the wing of the shoes and front tip of the shoes. All wingtip are Bourges because they are an extension of Bourges shoes only.

But all brogues are not wingtip they are different. The difference is difficult for an even common man to differentiate between oxford shoes and Bourges shoes, they are in the category of dress shoes but still, they are different. The brogue has a different style like quarter brogues, semi Brogues, full brogues and long wing brogues but how they are so different is placed in the below picture for more clarity.

What are the places to wear wingtip shoes?

The wingtip shoes are often casual or leisure shoes dress for a party and casual meetings. The two tones give a very informal style. The shoes mostly draped with formal pants but the casual look of the shoes allow you to wear with jeans and chinos. They are made of genuine leather but striking tone allows many shoemakers to design very differently. The wingtip shoes have become the fashion statement for celebrity, stars and upper strata of the society. The wingtip shoes are not wardrobe essential but if you want to carry one then have this beautiful pair of wingtip shoes.

Are they like dress shoes ?

The wingtip absolutely is not dressed shoes, the true meaning of dress shoes has a different definition. Shoes made of leather less decorative and wearable for any corporate meetings considered as dress shoes. The dress shoes like Oxford, derbies, Monk Shoes, strap shoes, and Bourges. They all dress shoes from ages and grown at the next level. The changes have made them beautiful, comfortable, enduring and classy. The best dress shoes come from Italy and the rest of the world just copy them. They create well-crafted handmade shoes with great detailing. Every shoe are worth buying there are few best shoemakers in India are as follow.

The available brands in India for wingtip shoes. The wingtip shoes are a new dimension for Indian Shoe industry. Although we have seen the several changes still it is taking shape every single day. Now when you buy any shoes you must have a story behind.To name a few shoes you might have seen all around like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Bourges shoes, slip-on shoes, strap shoes and wingtip shoes. We have come across with few sellers selling wingtip shoes at its best. The shoes are stylish, great and personified. The best wingtip shoes are available at buy with no doubts.


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The wingtip shoes was born many years ago in Europe and now creating benchmark in the life of fashionista. It has exemplary style, fabulous look and stunning shines. The Wingtip look little different or an extension of brogues shoes. The wingtip shoes color association makes it jewel they are not just shoes.
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