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The casual Shoes is named because it is made for more free movement without any bars of strings or laces. Casual Shoes are characterized by sturdy leathers upper, non-leather out soles and wide profiles. But in modern world we use word casual that gives you more comfort and wearable almost in any ways.

The brands are promoting more on casual shoes although they are making for any specific purpose but still they promote product under casual shoes category. The casual shoe has highest demand in the market as everyone is having 2 to 3 casual shoes in there wardrobe.

Today we are exploring some finest casual shoes launch by different different brands and they are so comfortable and wearable with chinos, jeans, shorts and track pants. It is important to know, what best they have to buy without any doubt.

Adidas Casual Shoes

The Adidas is unmatched brand  and created so many product those has undefeated monopoly. Adidas  shoes has become the rage among the youth  “ADIDAS SUPERSTAR” .The people from all over the world loved Adidas superstar sneakers .They are good to wear below the jeans, shorts, chinos and track pants. The Hollywood to Bollywood everyone like to have Adidas superstar shoes in there wardrobe.

The Adidas Superstar initiate with two colors black and white but now they have huge range in superstar category to lure customers. They have amazing range of superstar shoes to lure customers we have shown Superstar shoes for more details on pricing click the link and know more.

New balance Casual Shoes

NEW Balance is new for us in India but it is an oldest brand running worldwide. They are again a company create product for specific sports but still if we explore we get something for us to consider in casual shoes for men to flaunt. The New Balance V2 Flash Shoes are very effective in design and great in durability. The shoes that will be in use for casual outgoing and for any sport if you want to play.

Everyone like shoes that gives you more freedom to move, run and dance. The New Balance fulfilled all your demand with grace and without hurting your feet. The casual must have ability to gives great comfort even though you used it for whole day. The New Balance V2 Flash Running is sold in lakh of pair in every week. Now it is your turn to buy before it goes out of stock.

Puma Casual Shoes

The PUMA itself indicates the rough and tough shoes for casual and sports. The PUMA has plenty of option to invest on but the latest puma ignite is best in the market to look for. They are actually made for limitless activity .The Shoes that you will like it among the huge option in Puma Netfit shoes that is strong, stylish, comfortable and perfect for gym.

The PUMA net fit is designed for impeccable performance; they are just perfect fit for casual purpose. The shoes has great  midsole cushioning will help you to move whole day without fatigue . The design is based on ergonomic to give you maximum comfort.

Nike Casual Shoes 

The Nike is old is gold brand for consumer. Every buyer looking for sports casual shoes must go around with Nike and if something didn’t fit to their pocket. Then move to other brand, the Nike is strong, comfortable, durable and flexible. The consumer buys before giving second thoughts about Nike shoes. The Nike has lot of independent brand line and they are just amazing.

If we talk about Nike Jordan or Nike Air Force both the category are amazing and greatest brand value worldwide. These two brands are maximum earner for Nike Brand. The Nike Jordan latest association with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has become the rage. The Justin Timberlake is not sports  personal the Nike is promoting casual shoes under  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.


Reebok Casual Shoes

Reebok is again one of the most outstanding brand has won million hearts and still in the race of providing best product worldwide. But it didn’t have any specific brand line which is famous like superstar by Adidas and Air Force by Nike. The reebok is in search of great product that gives you outstanding result. The entire international brand’s has one thing common is core value and they never missing out. The reebok has lots of shoes dedicated for sports but running shoes from reebok can be used as casual shoes.

Asics Casual Shoes

The sports shoes has become the priority for all individual and it became important when you know the importance of your movement. The asics has comes out with lot of solution for feet and design every shoes with more precise detailing. It emphasis that the shoes has science behind which notices how you move your feet. They also notice how your feet drop on earth does you front feet touches the earth or rear feet drop first on earth. Because it reflect where extra support is required.

It didn’t end here after you choose shoes for yourself they add extra cushioning to your shoes. They  have scanning machine in there outlet to scan and check to propose solutions. The Asics shoes people bought because of  technicality but for those who are unaware buy shoes because of amazing set of colors tag with shoes.

Loafer Casual Shoes

The Loafer has changed the market pattern completely. The best part it comes in all style from leather, Swede, canvas and wire mesh. The pricing is also in different range that attracting youth to buy casual shoes but has to be loafer. The loafer shoes has become the heart of the nation but certain places they are no preferable at all.

The loafer are best when the movement is less but difficult in case of slightly run or dance. They look cool only in case of pants and jeans up till ankle. There is old say “never do business with people wear loafer shoes”. So make sure you wore loafer at right time and right place.


The latest ignite in the market is UNDER ARMOUR brand cashing on X factor . The target market is GYM and sports professional. They are focusing on creating best product to compete with giant like Nike, Adidas and others. One thing which is clear with Under Armour they are producing a shoes that is  equivalent to the top category shoes of Nike and other brand. The latest shoes from of Under Armour are UA HOVR SONIC CONNECTED best for all purpose shoes.

It is not necessary the new is bad the company is built in USA in 1996 and since then has taught some great lessons to the giants in the market. All the big brands are following those foot steps to achieve mile stone.The Under Armour  casual shoes to used will be a great idea.


Most of the people get confused over casual shoes and sports shoes, but there is difference between both of them. The sports shoes created for some purpose the running shoes for running but if you want to play cricket you need different shoes.

The running shoes won’t work in that case but still if you want to play you can. The running shoes are mostly used everywhere in the world for casual purpose because they are more light , well hug on feet, comfortable on run or long distance walk. Anyways they are awesome and undefeated casual shoes.

Casual Shoes are like leather upper and rubber sole below the best to wear over jeans and chinos .They are good but not so relaxed like sport shoes but it plays better role ,when you are in your 40’s you don’t want to give a childish look and avoid sports shoes.  The casual shoes are broadly related to age for a college goes sports shoes work like casual shoes and for the people who work in corporate world look forward actual casual shoes they are not sports shoes.



The casual shoes for men definition has gone beyond the canvas shoes, chukka shoes and Chelsea boot also come in the  category of casual shoes. The men choose casual shoes as per the look and feel of the shoes. The canvases are actually in demand because of light in weight and easy for pocket. There are plenty of apparel house launch casual canvas shoes for customers like Converse shoes, Vans shoes and North Star Shoes also launch canvas shoes. The chukka and Chelsea comes under casual shoes but not for everyone. They are mostly liked by men having good height. The men carrying short height avoid Chelsea and chukka  boots.


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The casual Shoes is named because it is made for more free movement without any bars of strings or laces. Casual Shoes are characterized by sturdy leathers upper, non-leather out soles and wide profiles. But in modern world we use word casual that gives you more comfort and wearable almost in any ways.
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