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Dress Shoes

Oxford Dress Shoes

In the world of dress shoes there are only two categories one is Derbies or Oxfords. Both have some similar structure like they include- Vamp. Vamp is front of the shoes that attached with quarters. The oxfords are mainly low heel and made of a Goodyear welt construction. The OXFORD shoes laces are quite close to each other to give the best knot. The Oxfords are often considered as best dress shoes or party shoes. This is one of the most essential wardrobes requirements for men. Having a pair is like cherry on the top. Originated in Scotland and loved globally, Oxfords are sometimes called “Balmorals” after Balmoral Castle.

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Derbies Dress Shoes

The derbies are also considered as dress shoes. They were quite popular in 1850 for hunting later preferred as town shoes. Derbies have open laces (the facing is open at the bottom) and used as multipurpose shoes. The shoes are in the hit list of sturdy guy drives range rovers or land rovers. The beauty of derbies is that they comes in range of colours from cognac, brown, red and blue. They are best to suit for jeans and chinos. Though you can also wear it on suit but didn’t go well. From GIGI HADID to Cara Delevingne they all celebrities wear derbies by enhancing the look and feel.

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 Brogue Dress Shoes

Brogue shoes are mostly popular in western countries. They comes in several design from low ankle to above the ankle. The one thing is common in both pattern is pep holes in front to all around. In India where people don’t have good command over fashion they can hardly understand the difference between dress shoes and brogue. So better is to understand before investing penny over shoes.

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 Monk Strap Dress Shoes

Monk strap is something in addition to Oxford and Derbies .The monk strap as the name within, it could never have the laces. The monk strap may come in leather or sewed .The shoes often wore by celebrities or public figure as it give lot of commendable looks to your personality. The bold buckle strap can be wore on formal pants , jeans or chinos. This is the only shoes who look stylish with anything .The shoes are favored by style aficionados looking for something different. They have been popularized in recent years and now part of dress shoes.


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 Loafer Casual Shoes

The name itself speaks about the attitude of shoes. It is never a formal shoes, So never make a mistake of wearing loafer in board room or for any formal meeting. Despite you are wearing formal suit and having loafer below is an offence. They is old say never do business with a lad wearing loafer. The origin is disputed, but King George VI is said to have wanted an indoor shoe for his country house back in 1926. Low sitting and without laces, they have a moccasin-like upper, often with a piece of leather. The moccasin and loafer are cousin brothers.

The 2017 is completely a year for loafer lovers. This is one of the essential shoes in every wardrobe and cost wise the option are endless. But if you are looking for quality loafer it comes with great price.

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 Chukka Casual Shoes

Chukka has indian origin staright from jodhpur rajasthan. These are polo shoes construct from camel leather. These high heel shoes used for polo sports but as fashion moves it came into existence with different style. The chukka may also come in laces form but only two to three eyelets in the top. The chukka is casual shoes and wore with jeans only. You might have found in several Bollywood movies stars like Salman, Saif and Akshay wearing such shoes. They were more popular in 90’s but now you often people waring chukka. All the royal families from Rajasthan must have chukka in their wardrobes. The chukka may have two colors which actually prefer more in brown or tan, and we’d advise not combining a crepe-soled chukka with a suit.

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 Chelsea Casual Shoes

Chelsa boot popularized in 1960 back in Queen Victoria regime. The shoes were quite famous among celebrity among famous band like beatles and other British invasions and. The chelsa boots are 100% informal shoes .They are heritage shoes from history of equestrian. The chelsea boots  worn on pair of jeans and leather jacket.

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