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blue formal shirt


Please find the below a list of brands blue formal shirt for men. They all are quality product in terms of fabric, stitching, design and brand value. The customers look for all possible terms that has been added to a formal shirt that reflect style. Lets start with Louis Philippe



When you go for any formal meeting you will look for some good options but unfortunately, we forgot to keep some crisp blue formal shirt in the wardrobe. There are many formal colors available in the market but very few looks decent. Usually, people look for white, blue, grey and pink. All the colors are good but among all the blue color is best to dress for a formal meeting.

The Louis Philippe printed slim fit blue color shirt is an awesome choice, it is designed to look awesome for a meeting. The fabric they are using is of high quality and highly comfortable in summer. The Louis Philippe shirt, you can pair it with formal and casual suits. You can also pair it with jeans and formal pants.

The Louis Phillips slim fit shirt has some awesome cuts to make it a perfect formal shirt. The collar of the shirt is designed to wear a tie but make sure the tie is lean because broad tie will look ugly



The structure of the shirt gives you casual look but it is created for formal meetings. The collar of the shirt is widespread which is best for a formal tie that goes well with the formal shirt.

The color of the tie you may opt for the blue shirt would be maroon, navy blue, royal blue striped tie, and polka dots. They all look amazing with the blue formal shirt.

You can also choose your formal pants that look well with a blue formal shirt. The basic color pants go well with the blue formal shirt such as grey, black and royal blue. US Polo Assassin is one of the strongest fashion industry player.

In the USA it belongs to USPA the Polo centric company in America engage in creating a product for equestrian. US Polo Assassin main category was building casual outfit but they also initiated product for men’s formal.

The US Polo Assassin creates a product that can be used for both casual and formal apparel. The fabric they use is exceptionally well. The high-quality cotton is used for making a formal blue shirt.

US Polo is a big name in the industry people follow them whatever the product they launch liked by the youth of India.


The Park Avenue is another brand that is exceptionally well for formal dressing. Every product that is manufacture by them is completely for formal purpose but they have casual category and they are also wearable for Friday dress codes incorporate. It is a brand owned by Raymond group and all the product are amazing in style.

The Blue formal shirt from Park Avenue is perfect for any formal meeting engagements. They are using the best cotton fabric for making a premium formal shirt. We recommend having at least a pair of a formal shirt in your wardrobe. When you go for styling yourself then must pair the blue formal shirt with royal blue trouser, grey trousers, and Black trouser.

The Park Avenue is using regular button up cuffs and spread collar gives you the opportunity to pair lean ties to gives you great comfort for your neck.


The Allen Solly again a brand like Arrow there are lots of similarity in the brand style and perception. Both brands have the product that connects more with sporty looking products. The pattern is also seen in the formal clothing products. The Allen Solly blue formal shirt is very soothing and made of 100% cotton that gives more comfort in summers. The user of the product finds it excellent shirt for men to use in the long run. The Blue formal shirt has an amazing color and you can pair the shirt with jeans and chinos as well.

The collar and cuff style is regular but the shirt has to contrast inner lining in the collars and cuffs. So when you fold the cuff it will be quite visible and grace the look of the shirt. The Blue formal shirt can also pair it with a nice royal blue blazer in the winter and summer suit. You can also pair it with some of the best ties you have in your wardrobe.


There are several formal brands but there are few who are quite noticeable. The marks and Spencer is one them and you can’t ignore the product from spencers. They are also an international brand focus on quality and other factors to consider before launching the product. The Blue formal shirt again is a Perl from marks and spencers. The fitting of the shirt is slim and fabric used is 100% cotton no blending.

If the product is 100% percent cotton then it is difficult to Iron because it needs lots of effort but yes a rich look only possible with 100% cotton product. The Fall of the shirt over the body is amazing and weave of cotton is highly dense that give the richness in the fabric. All the shirt from all top brands has shinner look because of the weave is so dense and perfectly weaved.


Wills Lifestyle blue formal shirt has a huge demand in the market because of quality standard. The Wills brand belongs to India’s top corporates from WD&HO WILLS the oldest brand. They are cash rich brand and the only objective is to create the only valuable product. They launch a new collection every year through there fashion shows.

The customers perceive them as a costliest brand but if you see the costing it is effective and easy to pocket. The WILLS blue formal shirt is best to pair with any formal trousers. When you look for perfect fabric must buy a blue formal shirt with slim fit style. The Collar and cuff are basic in style high in standard.


The Blackberry is running and competing with lots of brands on the market but as the times passes it becomes an unbeatable brand in the market. Blackberry formal clothing is so focused on office attire and continuously working on creating the finest product. The Blackberry blue formal shirts best for any formal meeting which you can pair with a jacket and formal pants.

The color is so cool if you want to use it for the casual purpose you can also pair it with jeans and chinos. It has a soothing light blue color which is shinier and great classic collars give you the opportunity to try broad or lean tie. They have to use the best cotton fabric to create a premium brand.



Peter England brand is a standard product manufacturer belongs to Aditya Birla. The Group has segmented into a different category of customers with other brands like Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, People and many more. They knew there are all kinds of customers who look product at different and ready to pay the different price for the different product.
Let say student prefer to have a large wardrobe with affordable clothing and they go for Peter England comfortable. At the same time a corporate professional look for premium and quality apparel in his wardrobe. The Blue formal shirts also good to invest by the newcomer entering in the corporate world. The shirt’s collar and cuffs are classic and easy to wear in light summers. The fabric is a mix of cotton and polyester so wear it on any comfortable day.


Arrow is a spunky brand the name itself give you a sporty feeling, it is own by Arvind mills a fabric manufacturer to the best of brands worldwide. All the product from Arrow has a touch of sporty look beat its color style and stitching. The Arrow formal shirts are hard to avoid because they come with pure colors, they so nice for your eyes.

The Arrow blue formal shirt has great shine on the fabric and slim fitting of the shirt makes it amazing. The Shirt can be pair with some great looking ties that match well with blue formal shirt. The other features of the shirt also noticeable like the collar of the shirt and cuffs. It has great pricing bracket that allows you to buy shirt easily. There should be at least one shirt in your wardrobe.


Tommy Hilfiger is offering best blue formal shirt in the men category. The Tommy Hilfiger formal shirts are good to invest as they are unique in colors and classic in style. It is slim fit and the best fabric is used for the finest outcome. Tommy Hilfiger blue formal shirt is believed to be the best pair with Light blue Levis jeans or a funky cargo pants from Wrangler will go well. The more feature we have detailed below about Tommy Hilfiger formal shirt.

Blue formal shirt featuring shirt collar, button placket and chest pocket and a regular length. Crafted with cotton fabric, it has long sleeve and a slim fit. Material composition is 100% cotton.


blue formal shirt