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wingtip shoes

What is wingtip shoes ?

The wingtip shoe was born many years ago in Europe and now creating marks in the life fashionista. It has an exemplary style fabulous look stunning shines. The Wingtips look little different or an extension of brogues shoes. The wingtip shoes color association makes it jewel they are not just shoes.

The wingtip shoes have decorative perforation all across like Bourges shoes but with added color changes in the front tip of the shoes or in the side wings of the shoes makes it wingtip. The wingtip shoes never have the status to be a part of dress shoes. They are more than casual shoes, if you think you can wear in corporate meeting then you will put yourself in trouble. Always wear wingtip shoes in glorified casual meetings, not on formal calls.

What is the difference between wingtip and Borges shoes?

There is a very common sign to identify between wingtip and Bourges, which is color. The brogues usually made of a single color with decorative perforation.The wingtip made of two colors and color changes could be differentiated at any place but most common are the wing of the shoes and front tip of the shoes. All wingtip are Bourges because they are an extension of Bourges shoes only.

But all brogues are not wingtip they are different. The difference is difficult for an even common man to differentiate between oxford shoes and Bourges shoes, they are in the category of dress shoes but still, they are different. The brogue has a different style like quarter brogues, semi Brogues, full brogues and long wing brogues but how they are so different is placed in the below picture for more clarity.

What are the places to wear wingtip shoes?

The wingtip shoes are often casual or leisure shoes dress for a party and casual meetings. The two tones give a very informal style. The shoes mostly draped with formal pants but the casual look of the shoes allow you to wear with jeans and chinos. They are made of genuine leather but striking tone allows many shoemakers to design very differently. The wingtip shoes have become the fashion statement for celebrity, stars and upper strata of the society. The wingtip shoes are not wardrobe essential but if you want to carry one then have this beautiful pair of wingtip shoes.

Are they like dress shoes ?

The wingtip absolutely is not dressed shoes, the true meaning of dress shoes has a different definition. Shoes made of leather less decorative and wearable for any corporate meetings considered as dress shoes. The dress shoes like Oxford, derbies, Monk Shoes, strap shoes, and Bourges. They all dress shoes from ages and grown at the next level. The changes have made them beautiful, comfortable, enduring and classy. The best dress shoes come from Italy and the rest of the world just copy them. They create well-crafted handmade shoes with great detailing. Every shoe are worth buying there are few best shoemakers in India are as follow.

The available brands in India for wingtip shoes. The wingtip shoes are a new dimension for Indian Shoe industry. Although we have seen the several changes still it is taking shape every single day. Now when you buy any shoes you must have a story behind.To name a few shoes you might have seen all around like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Bourges shoes, slip-on shoes, strap shoes and wingtip shoes. We have come across with few sellers selling wingtip shoes at its best. The shoes are stylish, great and personified. The best wingtip shoes are available at buy with no doubts.


Some of the Shoes those are not like wingtip but more important for men to have at least one pair in the wardrobe.

1. Derby Shoes

2. Brogues Shoes

3. Oxford Shoes

4. Loafer Shoes

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The Most Important Men’s Accessories that Makes You Outstanding

Men's Accessories


The men are such a creature, who hardly spent time on himself. They follow slightest rules of fashions and back to destination. But the time has changed now all the men have feel for fashion and keeping all the men’s accessories in there wardrobe is essential. The men’s accessories are not limited they are endless .We are sharing some of the legitimate men’s accessories. They are really a great help to groom yourself for any party or any corporate meetings. To begin with Tie a three letter word, but very strong to change your appearance in a click.


The tie is adorable and biggest sign of being gentlemen . You must have observed people, who are suited with neck tie have taken seriously. The ties purely keep your neck straight, awake and make you suave gentlemen. The choice of tie is very important to observe because when you go for any event checkout what is event. If you go for night party the shimmery ties will go well and if you are going for corporate meeting just go for matt finish ties. Always have few good collections of ties and never buy a tie where is thick. We have gone through in details to know standard length of ties is 58/59 Inches, if your height is above average then go for tie length  61/62 inches. We are sharing few options below hope you like it and click to buy.


The watch is very important men’s accessories and getting right watch is very important. The looks of the watch is important but never miss the straps. Most of the people focused over dial of the watch but straps are more important. But how let me explain you if you buy a beautiful watch with brown steps, that means you will match with yourand belt. The Golden rules say all three shoes, belt and watch straps should remain with same colors. To avoid always go for steel straps for watch you will never feel trapped. Buya watch at our website with guarantee.



The belt is very important for men not to hold pants only. It is integral men’s accessories and always carries quality stuff for you. The belt should always be leather not PU leather is considerable. The belt should be wore with precise check with shoes both of them should have similar colors. If you don’t want to spend so much money then buy black belt and black shoes. The belt should be sober the buckle should not be extra-large. The casual belt should not be paired with casual shoes, if you paired formal belt with casual shoes it won’t look good fashion sense. The fashion is nothing but a conscious understanding of paring apparels.



The scarf and muffler are not similar as most of the people thought of. They are totally different product in terms of fabric and style to wear is also different .The scarf majorly made of silk and often very difficult to carry in first attempt. In other term we called scarf as cravat or ascot .The style is completely British but it can separate you from the world if you wear it smartly. The scarf size is half of muffler. If you are going for a date or for any party they are icing on the cake always carry few scarf in your wardrobe.





The men carrying muffler as men’s accessories in the wardrobe, if not then spend some money on buying quality mufflers. The mufflers gives you lot of liberty to carry it in different ways and every style gives you 360 degree different look. The winter is not only a season where you can wear mufflers but in summers you can carry mufflers with grace but they should be made of silk. The drape style should remain the same. The muffler for office should be simple or in checks but casual could be of any colors in support of rest of the cloths you wear.


The rings are women’s priority list part but men should not much but a good ring is needed to part of men’s accessories. Most of the people wear heavy rings or so many rings in many fingers. The rule of ring is very simple for men, carry one plane ring on right hand in ring finger. Mostly people encourage for having simple ring without so much of work. It look cool for the people who work in corporates.



The perfumes are most loved by all accept the one, who are allergic. The men accessories without a good perfume are nothing. Do you know good perfume is a replacement of your identity. When you pour on your body the smell reaches faster than you reach to your destination people find you with your smell. The good amount of money is required to buy quality perfume. The good perfume has high notes and low notes, collect good information before buying a decent quality perfume. We bring one which you can buy before giving second thought.


The sunglasses are really good to have in men’s collection. The costly sunglasses in not essential but quality of sunglasses is must. The Polaroid glasses are need of the hour they not even save your eyes, but also help you to reduce reflection while driving.  We often step back when see the good glasses are with high value brand,  but there are load of valuable brand offering quality glasses at good price.  We bring some of the quality glasses for you to spend wisely.


The men should have quality purse to carry in your pocket. The purse comes in various sizes, shape and design. There are set parameters for choosing quality purse is simple it should be made of genuine leather and internal pocket has credit card holder, coins pocket and paper notes placements. The purse is most essential part for men and changing every time is hard ,So invest wisely some of the purses are lucky they goes out of money. And if you invested in poor quality purse then definitely you will throw the purse or carry that purse. We have few quality purse for you .

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casual and formal shirts


India is growing the economy not only in the IT field. We are 2nd largest nation rapidly moving to capture the world. India is above many nations because of its multicultural environment. The diverse culture motivates everyone to work hard. The fashion is again a field where we are constantly moving to capture the market. We are the largest economy in casual and formal shirts, Trouser and other apparel export market where we are working for various fashion labels.


The Indian fashion labels are not manufacturing the quality product.  The price war and lower per capita income that forces companies to compromise in quality. But still, there are few national and international brands running in India. They have focused approach maintaining quality and pricing equilibrium to capture the market.


As we all know Tommy Hilfiger is an international brand launched by famous designer Thomson Jacob Hilfiger. The brand was launched in 1985. They started from the USA and grabbed the market of apparel and accessories.


Tommy Hilfiger is a luxury brand with thousands of outlet worldwide. The brand assign design to the in-house fashion designers to inculcate outstanding product for consumers.  The product goes with several tests before going to the store worldwide. The Tommy never replicate other brands. They have original design from the house of Hilfiger. We bring you some of the work in Men’s casual and formal shirts with different shades and style.  Every stitch has great detailing and style.




US POLO ASSASIN is an American company started in 1981. The USPA an American polo association a government body. They become the global brand producing men’s fashion. The presence is global but work locally after understanding the breath of the market.

The USPA company manufacturing products like Apparel, perfume, luggage, sunglasses, men’s accessories, watches, Shoes and home furnishing. The brand has several stores worldwide. They are very particular about fitting and style. The company majorly producing slim fit for mid-aged youth. We bring few shirts fit for the youth of India. You can pick some of the best options for your wardrobe. These are men’s casual and formal shirts for office and outing.



A united color of Benetton is a company from Italy was founded in 1965. The UCB clothing brand has the presence worldwide and producing quality stuff. The brand has launched several controversial ads in the market, it may be the strategy to be in the eyes of the public.  But the most common ad is multiracial, where all colors of people from all over the world promoting the brand. The Ad is very famous and you will find in any of the outlets in India.

The company has a very strong foothold in the market. They are creating a product that has highest standard and quality. We bring few casual and formal shirts for men, they are awesome in style and looks, buy before it goes out of stock.



The brand actually owned by American company PVH (Philips –Van Heusen). But in India Aditya Birla hold the selling and marketing rights. The Aditya Group is solely engaged in promoting men’s fashion label. They have several other labels but LOUIS PHILIPPE has the special place in the Indian market.

The Louis Philippe comes in the first category for the youth of India for casual and formal shirts. They have the entire product in the store related to men’s fashion like perfume, belts, shirts, shoes, suits, jacket, casual apparel, party wear. We have explored only shirts today with great fit and style.


Arrow is a brand owned by Aditya Birla group. They are dedicated towards the men’s fashion product. Arrow and Arrow Sports two of them from the same house have different product category. The arrow sports have all casual wear apparel like Jeans, T-Shirts, chinos and other related product. The Arrow formal are for corporate office with an outstanding quality. The Arrow has several stores worldwide at all potential locations. We brought to you few men’s casual and formal shirts styles from the house of Arrow. You may click to buy before it goes out of stock.


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casual shoes


The casual Shoes is named because it is made for more free movement without any bars of strings or laces. Casual Shoes are characterized by sturdy leathers upper, non-leather out soles and wide profiles. But in modern world we use word casual that gives you more comfort and wearable almost in any ways.

The brands are promoting more on casual shoes although they are making for any specific purpose but still they promote product under casual shoes category. The casual shoe has highest demand in the market as everyone is having 2 to 3 casual shoes in there wardrobe.

Today we are exploring some finest casual shoes launch by different different brands and they are so comfortable and wearable with chinos, jeans, shorts and track pants. It is important to know, what best they have to buy without any doubt.

Adidas Casual Shoes

The Adidas is unmatched brand  and created so many product those has undefeated monopoly. Adidas  shoes has become the rage among the youth  “ADIDAS SUPERSTAR” .The people from all over the world loved Adidas superstar sneakers .They are good to wear below the jeans, shorts, chinos and track pants. The Hollywood to Bollywood everyone like to have Adidas superstar shoes in there wardrobe.

The Adidas Superstar initiate with two colors black and white but now they have huge range in superstar category to lure customers. They have amazing range of superstar shoes to lure customers we have shown Superstar shoes for more details on pricing click the link and know more.

New balance Casual Shoes

NEW Balance is new for us in India but it is an oldest brand running worldwide. They are again a company create product for specific sports but still if we explore we get something for us to consider in casual shoes for men to flaunt. The New Balance V2 Flash Shoes are very effective in design and great in durability. The shoes that will be in use for casual outgoing and for any sport if you want to play.

Everyone like shoes that gives you more freedom to move, run and dance. The New Balance fulfilled all your demand with grace and without hurting your feet. The casual must have ability to gives great comfort even though you used it for whole day. The New Balance V2 Flash Running is sold in lakh of pair in every week. Now it is your turn to buy before it goes out of stock.

Puma Casual Shoes

The PUMA itself indicates the rough and tough shoes for casual and sports. The PUMA has plenty of option to invest on but the latest puma ignite is best in the market to look for. They are actually made for limitless activity .The Shoes that you will like it among the huge option in Puma Netfit shoes that is strong, stylish, comfortable and perfect for gym.

The PUMA net fit is designed for impeccable performance; they are just perfect fit for casual purpose. The shoes has great  midsole cushioning will help you to move whole day without fatigue . The design is based on ergonomic to give you maximum comfort.

Nike Casual Shoes 

The Nike is old is gold brand for consumer. Every buyer looking for sports casual shoes must go around with Nike and if something didn’t fit to their pocket. Then move to other brand, the Nike is strong, comfortable, durable and flexible. The consumer buys before giving second thoughts about Nike shoes. The Nike has lot of independent brand line and they are just amazing.

If we talk about Nike Jordan or Nike Air Force both the category are amazing and greatest brand value worldwide. These two brands are maximum earner for Nike Brand. The Nike Jordan latest association with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has become the rage. The Justin Timberlake is not sports  personal the Nike is promoting casual shoes under  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.


Reebok Casual Shoes

Reebok is again one of the most outstanding brand has won million hearts and still in the race of providing best product worldwide. But it didn’t have any specific brand line which is famous like superstar by Adidas and Air Force by Nike. The reebok is in search of great product that gives you outstanding result. The entire international brand’s has one thing common is core value and they never missing out. The reebok has lots of shoes dedicated for sports but running shoes from reebok can be used as casual shoes.

Asics Casual Shoes

The sports shoes has become the priority for all individual and it became important when you know the importance of your movement. The asics has comes out with lot of solution for feet and design every shoes with more precise detailing. It emphasis that the shoes has science behind which notices how you move your feet. They also notice how your feet drop on earth does you front feet touches the earth or rear feet drop first on earth. Because it reflect where extra support is required.

It didn’t end here after you choose shoes for yourself they add extra cushioning to your shoes. They  have scanning machine in there outlet to scan and check to propose solutions. The Asics shoes people bought because of  technicality but for those who are unaware buy shoes because of amazing set of colors tag with shoes.

Loafer Casual Shoes

The Loafer has changed the market pattern completely. The best part it comes in all style from leather, Swede, canvas and wire mesh. The pricing is also in different range that attracting youth to buy casual shoes but has to be loafer. The loafer shoes has become the heart of the nation but certain places they are no preferable at all.

The loafer are best when the movement is less but difficult in case of slightly run or dance. They look cool only in case of pants and jeans up till ankle. There is old say “never do business with people wear loafer shoes”. So make sure you wore loafer at right time and right place.


The latest ignite in the market is UNDER ARMOUR brand cashing on X factor . The target market is GYM and sports professional. They are focusing on creating best product to compete with giant like Nike, Adidas and others. One thing which is clear with Under Armour they are producing a shoes that is  equivalent to the top category shoes of Nike and other brand. The latest shoes from of Under Armour are UA HOVR SONIC CONNECTED best for all purpose shoes.

It is not necessary the new is bad the company is built in USA in 1996 and since then has taught some great lessons to the giants in the market. All the big brands are following those foot steps to achieve mile stone.The Under Armour  casual shoes to used will be a great idea.


Most of the people get confused over casual shoes and sports shoes, but there is difference between both of them. The sports shoes created for some purpose the running shoes for running but if you want to play cricket you need different shoes.

The running shoes won’t work in that case but still if you want to play you can. The running shoes are mostly used everywhere in the world for casual purpose because they are more light , well hug on feet, comfortable on run or long distance walk. Anyways they are awesome and undefeated casual shoes.

Casual Shoes are like leather upper and rubber sole below the best to wear over jeans and chinos .They are good but not so relaxed like sport shoes but it plays better role ,when you are in your 40’s you don’t want to give a childish look and avoid sports shoes.  The casual shoes are broadly related to age for a college goes sports shoes work like casual shoes and for the people who work in corporate world look forward actual casual shoes they are not sports shoes.



The casual shoes for men definition has gone beyond the canvas shoes, chukka shoes and Chelsea boot also come in the  category of casual shoes. The men choose casual shoes as per the look and feel of the shoes. The canvases are actually in demand because of light in weight and easy for pocket. There are plenty of apparel house launch casual canvas shoes for customers like Converse shoes, Vans shoes and North Star Shoes also launch canvas shoes. The chukka and Chelsea comes under casual shoes but not for everyone. They are mostly liked by men having good height. The men carrying short height avoid Chelsea and chukka  boots.


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men's fashion


Men’s  fashion in India hasn’t  explored yet. We just follow the basic from Bollywood or from T.V personalities. The fashion is changing faster than our life. We missed out our potential to explore better fashion opportunity.

In the today’s article we are exploring men’s fashion technique to look awesome every day. The most important point is not to invest in high branded product at high cost but making right combination is important.

The men’s fashion begins from casual out fit to corporate attire. The important is fit and colour that make you completely different from other. It does’t matter what color you have or what height you have but yes one thing keeping yourself fit makes all differences.

Let start with 8 casual men’s fashion look


The Indigo blue jeans with royal blue sweat shirt along with amazing  makes your entirely handsome. The impeccable and Nice is an added accessories to stand you out in the street of India. The best  to go out in the day meetings.

men's fashion


Casual Look  

The nice steel-gray pants and black slim fit shirts with white button. To look more dapper a nice pair of keeps you look way different .The steel watch from TITAN  and  awesome French cut beard gives you nice look.


Men's Fashion




Casual look    

The men’s fashion can be light as well if not looking for overdo than nice looking small blue check shirt. The Blue rugged jeans with brown shoes from ruosh make you better than any guy. A black wayfarer sunglasses for day outing will make you look fashionable.




Casual Look     

The men’s fashion without white shirt in the wardrobe is incomplete. The nice pair of white casual shirt along with blue jeans will be best for you. The brown belt and white sneaker will stand out the fashion statement. The white color is an admiration and proud statement. The white is a color that can go well with any colors in the universe but blue denim combination makes them made for each other. The men’s fashion without blue and white is empty.





The black shirt in slim fit style makes you fabulous and white jeans in skinny way is dapper. The black loafer shoes and black belt is really cool.Do not wear black shirt in the day time as it is against the rule of wearing black shirt in a day time. The white is really a risky affair and handling is important. The jeans is wearable when you know you are going at right place.




Casual Look             

The nice looking light with lower round and blue skinny fit jeans are really cool. The white sneaker from Adidas superstar will make your look flaw less.


Casual look      

The nice pair of round neck pullover and light blue straight jeans best fit in men’s fashion . The below product is ine click away to get in in your wardrobe. They are completely a look for young barbarian.Once you planned sweater and jeans now  you have to make more choice for shoes and belt to wear. The great pair of shoes to required to fit with your style statement.The and belt will look cool.



Corporate Look      

The Nice looking black pants in straight fit is best to suit with white shirt.There are certain fashion and looks never goes out of fashion and the below combination will never go out of fashion. The black dress shoes and black belt in combination is an ice breaker. The black straight pants can be paired with nice black strap shoes from the house of HUSH PUPPIES .The men’ fashion is changing but keeping it best is in your hand



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Gift for Men


When you gift someone it should be memorable. And when you gift for men it must be twisty. But what is that can make him happy. It sound like crazy, what is it that is so mischievous that we can gift for men.

“Sometime ignorance is bliss “ this is not just an old say , it means a lot .When you go to market and search gift for men ,you buy some obvious things like belt, shoes, shirt or fragrance. But there are some more gift for men.

But what are they how can you find such gift for him. Need little research and attention required to gift for men. There are so many gift you can buy but there are some gifts, they are unconsciously everymen love to have. What they are no more a big secrete when you go below. The first thing that comes to me is small bar set :


The bar set is really an awesome gift for men to accept with pride unconsciously. And if you gift him he adore you. The Black Butterfly Bar accessories is perfect to gift made of Use for cocktails, mocktails, drinks, crafting, fill with money, use your own creativity. It also has 1 hip flask,1 tong, 6 Glasses, 1 Peg Measurer. If you gift it you own him. Must try

Mini Bar

The next thing that you can gift someone is mini bar. The best gifts idea for men ,you can find some amazing bar available to carry wine and whiskey.They are small cute and loving bar station hard to ignore. Metal Wine Rack BLACK by INDIAN DÉCOR this sauce little but blissful bar must be gifted .The wall hung powder coated finish with glass stand made him outstanding gift for men.

Bulls Eyes

This is something a serious gift for men, who is serious thinker or visionary. It will seriously help him to be more focused .The Double Sided Wooden Dart Board With Three Arrows will be an enjoyable experience for a men.The men enjoy really at house party with dart board ,they hit on there bosses or ex.

Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear 

Don’t get ashamed to gift for men as he has only seen Hollywood star to wore this in the movies and if he is getting chance to flaunt the CK underwear then why not. Highly recommendable.

Biker Jacket 

A man is by heart driver. The dream of buying car while driving bike. And then car to drive bike is now passion. The best gifts for such men are ZEUS AIRDRIFT SP-X RED Biker Jacket is best in class. The jacket is well stitched for better safety. Extended full length sleeves with secured loops ensuring anti sliding Water Resistance TAFETA Layer fully removable rain liner. Additional secured loops for anti-sliding.

Book shelf

Does your friend is like geek, if yes why not gift him something that make him updated. A small book shelf, where he can manage his interest. The Klaxon Home Decor Wall Shelves is perfect for men who wants to update his knowledge all the time.

The home golf kit

The golfing is becoming famous day by day and people are taking interest in joining club to play. But the game is quite costly for many aspirants. As you grow older the size of the ball reduces and you want to play such games. The small wooden golf kit is perfect to enjoy at home. The corporate are also gifts the top authorities as token of appreciation. This is perfect to play at home or office when you feel bored without going out a best gift for men.

The Movie

YOU often find your friend less motivated because of hectic day schedule. To bring him back to square. The perfect gift is to watch some delightful packs of movies .The movies are not practical but some how they impact your subconscious mind. The effect is so positive sometime, it actually awake your mind. Here is list of movies you can gift to a man .


The bracelet for men seems like wanna be gifts but sometime they look cool . You can gift some amazing bracelet on the occasion of birthday .Don’t hesitate to gift small bracelet it looks vibrant and stylish.

Locket and Chain

The locket and chains are not only liked by girls buy boys too like such cool gifts .The lockets have their own attitude and personality. The more sturdy guys must have locket for his personality. Lockets are really stylish and comes in variety. You can gift a men he will surely admire your choice.

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Ladakh Mountain


Are you planning for holiday visit ladakh mountain by the end of the year or next year 2018. If yes this is great, these days holidaying are passion. There are thousands of traveler coming and going to the journey of ladakh mountain. The gentlemen from corporate world need vent from daily hectic life.

Mostly we travel with family and friend but yes sometime you want to travel with your besties. You want to be adventurous and planning to go some secluded locations like  ladakh mountain. But visiting LADAKH is not a joke it required lot of planning and action.

The foremost part is how you are travelling via jeep or Bullet Bike. It is self-explanatory you choose any options all your partner should have both driving skills.  They must be capable of handling any task individually. You also learn some technical skill in managing your vehicle at personal level. Higher the dependency higher the issue

The LADAKH is at highest altitude from sea level it is almost 9800 feet. It is surrounded with mountain and chilly air 24/7 freezes your bones. The ultraviolet rays are dangerous for your skin and eyes. To keep yourself safe from natural problem.


We have divided the needs in three categories 1. Basic product to carry 2. Medication and alternatives. 3. The product needed when you reached LADHAKH.



A convenient from Mount Track is needed to carry everything from eateries to daily need product. The strong bag can only handle the situation. If your bag pack shoulder pads are not good then it will become burden for you. Do not over burden your bag packs keep quantity lower than marked.


A good like V4M Stripe is blessing in Ladakh. The leather jacket must have cushioning from inside to keep your body warm. A leather jacket can stop the air entering. You can also carry anything alternate to leather jacket like parachute cloth jacket with cushioning it also stops air to enter.


A good ear guard is required to save you from chilly air blowing all around.



Carry two kinds of first are for driving and other one to keep your hand warm. A hand gloves with woolen cushioning can keep your hand warm.



This can save your head completely from hitting the cold air. The cold air can freeze your head muscles and stop the blood flow. So carry a good monkey cap without compromising.



A good from GUCCI eye gear keep your eyes safe from ultra violet rays. Do not dare to see sun directly through naked eyes. It may affect your eyes badly. Don’t buy copy only authentic product will work in LADAKH.



A nice pair of Dr.Martens boots is highly recommended for travelling to LADAKH. The CHELSA BOOTS will be a recommended. The boots should not be heavy otherwise it would be difficult to travel from one place to another.


A good from ADIDAS is required for mountain travelling. A quality shoes can grip in the mountains. It is actually a lifesaving product for you.

adidas trekking


A nice woolen socks to keep your feet warm. It has happened the negligence has swollen the feet completely. And then you can’t wear the shoes even. So make sure you are alert all the time.


thermal socks


A nice pair of body warmer is really helpful throughout the journey. As it is everyday need and layering would be easy and strong.

You can keep all the above product quantity as per space but having all is most essential.


The quality eateries are essential and important. Keep those things gives you energy while travelling. Chocolate, Almond, Walnut, Dry Plum, Chewing Gum, Potato Chips, Waters, Juices and energy drinks.



A  mobile phone is required for good communication and photography. But keep a check how long does your mobile is safe if it fall down. Buy mobile phone armour for extra safety.

mobile armour


A mobile is ready to keep the phone alive. It really help you in bad times.

Xiomi battery


If you want to capture the beauty of Ladakh. The NIKON D5300 DLSR is with extra battery support is essential so that you won’t miss a present.


Nikon D5300


A high beam brite Nova torch is required to see in the dark of night to see long distance.




The fast aid box must ready for fighting with small injuries. A betadine, crepe band, Pain Killer spray, Medicine for stomach ache, head ache , Bandage for cuts, Regular medicine, Paracitamol, combiflame, Savlon or Dettol , Cotton and dressing, Eye Tone, Scissor and Nasivion.


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Gift for men


The gentlemen often a victim of finding a bad gift for a date .But yes girls are intelligent to buy a best gift for men . Today we are giving awesome ideas to gift to your gentlemen. The men buys gift for instant happiness but girls gift something to have a recall value.

When girls gift you they will definitely add value to your wardrobe because they have fine sense of judgement. The girls buy everything with motive but you can’t imagine what they are. You felt happy when you get gifts. Girls buy something which are really good and grace you.

The gifts we are going to share will mark your intelligent thought process and bow down your date to admire you. These 10 best gift for men will surely make the gentlemen happy .


Gifting a mobile battery bank is an amazing option. The guy can never give you an excuse of no battery. He has to be ready with charged phone to take your call. You should buy a battery bank with long lasting and have higher MH for maximum hour to charge the phone. The below product is compared with almost 20 product in the category and come out with amazing product for you.  Please click to buy to get more specification  for clarity. This amazing tool keeps you connected all the time the best gift for men.


Your guy must be chatting with you over a laptop and keep on chating when he is in the office. So you can imagine the importance of a laptop. And keeping it safe is also your responsibility. You can’t secure the laptop from theft but yes keep it safe from breaking. The perfect laptop bag is an amazing solution. The below laptop apple bag is reviewed and now it is just below with all the specification and images. Just buy the gift for men.


The watch is priceless gift for men. A machine can remind your close heart to get ready to reach you on time. Now a day’s people have mobile phones with all the watch features. But still a wrist watch is perfect to connect you instantly with time. A nice wrist watch may add value to your guy wardrobe as well. We have reviewed many watches and bring you the best with greatest specification.


If you gift a deodorant that can hurt someone and not considered as an intelligent gift. At the same time if you find your date doesn’t smell good. The best way to keep him smell good, gift him a great fragrance. The is an amazing perfume to gift .It may knee you down to droll in front of your date. It will make you happy and make him happy too.


If you find your date is finding health issue and you want him to take care of him well. You can’t be around all the time but yes a digital health watch is perfect to take care of him well. Being healthy is blessing but keeping it going need hard work for body. Today everyone wants to look good but only few workouts every day. A digital watch is perfect gift for men to keep a complete track of body. It shows your concern for your loved ones. We have reviewed many watches and bring you the best gift for men.


Gifting a pen is always a decent idea. If your date is really respect time, gift him a pen to keep him track everything. A nice pen on the front pocket is rare these days and giving them this unique opportunity makes him feel happy. We just brought some decent pen to gift.



The tie is best gift for men, that can make anyone gentlemen in second. It always keeps you active and straight all the time. A pure silk with formal colors ties is best to gift and it always remind the guy your affection for him. The best tie rack we have gathered for you and gift your loved one.


The guy might not connect you while driving or in a busy gathering. But this can’t be an excuse anymore. The headphone with mic and noise cancellation features connects you without disturbance of outer voice. There are several products but a headphone with above feature best for your date. We have reviewed several products and bring you one of the best headphones.


A Nice shade for a guy is really a heart touching product for him. He felt great when it comes from you. All the men always have this secrete desire to get something like this many times in his lifetime. There are more things they wish for but we have a blog on the “Secrete desire of man “ will give you more clarity.The sunglasses we have brought for your guy after gone through several sunglasses.


The nice grooming kit a must buy product for girls to buy and gift your date. This one gift can keep your date groomed all the time. The kit has everything to take care of him. If you like clean shaved men with nice cologne it is there. If a guy wants to have beard he may have but a well-groomed. The kit has everything to make him a perfect date for you. We brings you the best.

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fragrance for men


The good fragrance for men is  an ice breaker everywhere and it creates magic all around. The men depriving themselves from smelling good. The felt true masculinity comes from sweaty body but be conscious, such men no more considered in modern world.

The men should always keep one good perfume  in the wardrobe. The man can patent his fragrance and identifies with his unique smell. There are huge options are available in the market and choosing a one good fragrance is complicated affair. And when you enter in the shop you get puzzled with fragrance even coffee beans can’t help you choosing right fragrance.

The better is to read about best perfume for men review about it and buy best authentic fragrance from amazon.Today we are exploring best fragrances for men

Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau De Toilette for Men

The dolce & gabbana the one eau de toilette for men a timeless, classy and elegant perfume. The fragrance is sensual and masculine. The one for men is playful and reflect the charm of men. The appealing fragrance for men patent your body smells. It has unique fragrance attract everyone because of unique ingredient absorb from the harmony of Tobacco notes and refined spices. The best fragrance for men a must have perfume in wardrobe.

Hugo Boss Man Edt

The hugo boss for men EDT perfume for men is gentle and calm smell really open up the senses. The fragrance is made of lasting aromatic blend of balsam, cedar wood and patchouli. The hugo boss EDT is perfect for regular use in the office or any professional commitment. The fragrance is not hard it meltdown in the environment slowly and catches attention. The perfect fragrance for men .

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Eau De Toilette for Men

ETERNITY perfume for men is pure masculine aromatic for summer. The fragrance is lighter on skin and magnetic for others.The appealing ingredient top notes include Bergamot oil, desert sage, ginges and base notes include sandalwood , vetiver oil and sally musk.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Essenza for men

Giorgio Armani Aqua fragrance for men is classic and versatile. The fragrance is rated top notched from world over. The ultimate fragrance is made of extraordinary element cascalone with fresh and powerful aquatic accent. This perfume for men is highly recommended to buy.

The Mr. Burberry perfume for man is new age fragrance specially crafted for modern man. The fragrance is best for metrosexual man. The fragrance is best to wear on date .The Burberry is inspired from Burberry trench coat. The perfume for man has top notes made of grapefruit and cardamom with spicy facet. Base notes layered with guaiac wood. The Mr.burburry EAU packed with grace you can gift to your date. It has already captured the London now it’s you.

Hermes Terre D’Hermes Pure Parfum 

The Hermes D Hermes perfume for men is an absolute fragrance for mature man. This unmatched classy perfume dictates the board room or golf ground. The perfume holds the top notes water, alcohol denatured, limonene, linacool.   D’HERMES  launched in 2006 since then most wanted for mature man.

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme EDT for Men

Gucci guilty intense pour homme a vibrant and affectionate fragrance for men hold the natural masculinity. The fragrance melts in the surrounding and mesmerized the senses. It is proactive and for those, who takes the challenges on the ride. The smell made for young, intense and bold genre. GUCCI INTENSE POUR HOMME top and base notes include Lemon, Lavender, Orange Flower, Neroli Floralcy, Cedarwood.

The Gucci Intense Homme a perfect perfume for men rated top rank in the gallery of fragrance. The best perfume to gift someone who achieved something great in the early age of life.

Prada Luna Rossa for Men

Prada Luna Rossa a perfume that collaborate man and nature fragrance in a bottle. The provoking fragrance truly inspiring and fresh to open up your senses. Luna rossa a definition of excellence, challenge and pride. The top notes engage with lavender absolute and bitter orange and base notes ambrette absolute and ambroxan. The Prada luna rossa best in class for the people by the people ,who knows everything about perfume for men.
The must buy fragrance for wardrobe keep you classy and versatile .You can wear it any time day and night be playful.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Essenza for men

Acqua di Gio Pour Homme EDT is best in class a pure fragrance for men .The Giorgio Armani is an iconic exotic fragrance is a pure feel .with. The top notes include the ingredient of Calabrian bergamot, neroli and green tangerine. Base notes include Light, aquatic nuances mix with jasmine petal, crisp rock rose, rosemary, fruity persimmon and warm Indonesian patchouli to create a masculine scent that is both fresh and sensual. The ultimate perfume for men last long  smooth and vibrant.


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

The velvet collection from Dolce and Gabbana perfume for men is an inspiration from riches of Arab Sicily. The new collection launched in 2017 November for men and women.The men fragrance named as “AMBER SUN”.The top notes picked from Mediterranean and rich bals of Arabia. Not up for sale online currently.

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Suits for Men


The power dressing word signifies a professional look which got an attire, a perfect “SUITS FOR MEN”  for corporate. How often we carry a power dressing it just once when we go for interview. Does an interviewer really attract with your dress sense. If you really set the bar at first then it would be difficult for you to carry the attire every day.

So better be natural and choose a dress that gives you comfort rather than punishment. The choice of shirts color and trouser is a big game changer. It is not necessary to invest in high value brands then only you will look great.

The interviewer looks for overall personality not only clothing. He also checks your shoes, tie, jacket and smell. So keeps a check all the points not only power dressing. How is the cut of your hair style does it suit you .If you are shaved that is good . But if you are carrying beard it should look like beard.


Today we are exploring amazing things to look good and simply great. Don’t punish yourself hanging over the chair and struggling to answer. It has happened you know everything but because of tight attire makes you uncomfortable in front of interviewer. Or sometime your neck tie chock your neck to answer correctly.
Let’s discuss few colors of blazers, shirts, trouser and other accessories to give you comfortable look.



Always wear a blazer for the interview it enhances your personality. The interviewer takes it very seriously; it shows you respect the organization. The formal colors are navy blue, steel gray and dark chocolate brown. If you are following basic color blazer with two button is great, avoid wearing double breast blazer if you are chubby.



The formal shirts are dignified attire for men but problem occur when we interchange the body type with shirt. Let say you are chubby and wearing a slim fit shirt .The shopkeeper will instigate you to buy if you take his opinion you will invest in wrong product. The better is to know yourself first the chubby men should wear a regular fit. The most important thing to check is tie button is placed well ,if you feel tightness don’t buy or change the button position.




The right trouser in respect to color and shape plays an important role. The colors are blue, gray and brown. The shades might be different but these are only colors for professional look. The chinos and formals trousers are different in term of usage. All formal trousers can’t be casual but chinos can be used for casual and formal both. So consider all facts invest wisely.




Do you know the fact the tie say something sitting next to you. If you have noticed the ties knot shape in “V” stand for victory. The good shape speak more about your victory choose ties smartly. Tie fabric should be lean a thick fabric won’t let your tie look good. Always wear a tie above the belt ,it looks graceful.






The perfect shape leather belt is needed to look more attractive and graceful. The choice of leather belt is important shape of buckle makes it casual belt or formal belt. The color of the belt should be either black or brown. When you wear black shoes the belt should be black don’t alter with brown.



A perfect wrist watch with leather strap with silver or gold dial will good. The judgement day is important for every professional. If dial is in roman number will look great. The choice is different but always keeps in mind if you are wearing a watch with brown strap then the color of shoes and belt should be brown. The buying should always be intelligent.