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car accessories


The cars have become the second home to a man and especially when you are in your sales profession. You do utmost care of your house and we believe you also take care of your car so well with car accessories.

Today we have chosen a topic to take care of a big boy toy. You can imagine a car shine like a star and when you enter in it makes you feel fantastic as it is accessorized so well. Everything is placed without gives you a feeling, it is overburden.

The term car accessories come to your mind and you feel like changing the outlook of the car. And you start calling people to change the wheel, covering the glass with tinted films, wrapping the door handle but it is actually not required.

What important is maintaining the exterior the way it was designed because unnecessary change will impact the performance of the car. When it comes to the interior you can add some valuable car accessories that give you more comfort than to your car.
We have just added some list of car accessories to make the car more comfortable. 


Keeping your car fresh leaves you and your guest rider to feel awesome. It is important to know we spend maximum time in our cars and  It’s like a 2nd home. So make it smell good, if you are a smoker, then avoid smoking in the car if you can’t stop yourself then you can use some high-intensity perfume in the car one that will work really well is just below. We recommend you to buy without giving the second thought to this important car accessories.



The car organizer becomes very essential when you are in sales and keeping all your paper here and there will put you in trouble. A car organizer solves many problems. You may have two kinds of organizer one in the backseat of the car and the other one in the boot space. There is the variety of option available but we brought some options for you to solve your problem.



Very important car tool to carry when you are the tough situation. When you are driving the car you never know what you are going to encounter. You should better be prepared with all Essential elements. The 4 important tools you should always carry  in the car.



Mobile charger yet again and important to carry in the car. The phone takes too much of energy consumption we want to get along with some charger all the time. The people are carrying portable charger more than a regular one but still feel empty charge mobile phones. We have brought one charger for you that can charge all the phone from iPhone to Android within the car that is car charger.


 A mobile holder in the car is nothing but a savior of many unfortunate. It will help you without disturbing your concentration. If you are new to the city then you can use this mobile accessories for navigation while driving. In case you get any phone call then it is easy for you to take a call. The below mobile holder is a perfect and best-rated product on Amazon.


The music system is nothing but a tutor or a friend that make your journey smooth. You might surprise a tutor but how as we discussed we spend maximum time on the drive. While driving if you listen to a topic that adds value to your personality you must listen to a topic that adds positive value to your life . There are several sales motivator CDS are available on the Amazon site and if you feel like listening to jazz music then just change the track of the music system. We are suggesting the best in the category and it will help you a lot. A clear voice is really important in a music system as best car accessories.


The Seat cover must be from a good brand if not provided by the company. They are important as other car accessories are. Always prefer a fabric that can be easily clean and wash. The seat of the car is already created with all the ergonomics to give you the best user experience. We have tested many car seat cover but as per our the best one is from a brand called Proform they have the best seat cover design. They really give you a very elegant style to your car you can buy online or they have retail stores all around Delhi NCR, you can visit the store personally and get things done.


 The car must have a vacuum cleaner that can actually clean your car perfectly. We have got some amazing vacuum cleaner that can solve many problems just in minutes. The Vaccum cleaner is the most important car accessories when you look for the overall cleaning of the car.


 Another car accessories that increase your vigilance is a back camera for your safety.  This back eye of the car can detect hindrance behind the car and give you alert alarm. Be proactive before any miss happening. The back camera should be of high quality and great pricing solves many problems.


The Bike rack is getting into demand as people have increased there exposure toward expedition. The weekend traveler loves to carry a bike rack important car accessories. Must buy a car rack which is enduring and quality product. We have brought some amazing rack for your car to handle your weekend perfectly.

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men casual jacket

10 Uber cool men casual jacket from top brands

How do you feel when you get some invite to the party. And you just up and down the whole wardrobe to find something classy and stylish. Sometimes you get the right stuff to add to your attire but when there is none you go to the party with zero conviction on your looks. Always have some collection of little things, which will add so much value to your look or change the whole style. These little value additions are like men casual jacket, neckties, cravat, cufflinks, tie pin and gallies. They all can change your look 360 degrees and makes you dazzle in the party.

Today we have got some men casual jacket to give you fair Idea on pricing and quality of the product. This Classic jacket comes from the house of top brands who focuses on quality and style.

It is important to know what kind of jacket should wear on which month because the casual jacket has the huge range from summer to winter . It is difficult to identify what to wear when but we must try to make sure your investment never goes to waste.

We have tested these men casual jacket on many criteria like fabric, finish, good design, brand and look. If they clear all the conditions, then the most important criteria are the pricing of the product that matches to your pocket. The men casual jacket should be in the price range so that you can collect some good collection instead of one or two. We focus on great pricing in list of 15 uber class men casual jacket for men, the first in the list is :




Ed Hardy is the best brand to look for any casual wear stuff. They all set to deal any casual stuff to dazzle youth. This tiny mini casual jacket is perfect for your wardrobe and you can make it a statement in any house party or discotheque. The jacket is made of polyester and viscose with Perfect blend 60% / 40%. The user has given positive reviews for the jacket and we have also rated 4.5 for the feel, look, quality and design. You can pick as an essential stuff for your wardrobe.

men casual jacket




US Polo another name in the men casual wear which is ruling the mind of the youth. They have done every titbit to create an impressive and Stylish design to make your style statement cool. The men casual jacket is designed keeping everything in mind like sportiness in the jacket, slim fit look, cotton fabric collar and cuff are wrapped with stripe design. It is 100% percent authentic US Polo jacket to make you feel special for the day. The men casual jacket is wearable in any day party or night party it will work perfectly at any place.

men casual jacket



UCB is ruling the style statement since the 90s and they understand the market better than many new players in the market. It is very important to understand first the taste of the customer, product label and then comes the pricing that should be easy on the pocket. UCB is master in launching a new product which is classy and stylish for the generation of India. Indigo blue men casual jacket is not a denim jacket but still a denim jacket. The color in the UCB ruling the statement and scientist understand number get better than better than many.

men casual jacket



surplusxstockzobello is an underdog brand and coming into the limelight for its quality stuff and amazingly crafted for the youth The men casual jacket are awesome not only this one but other product of zobello like a denim jacket, sherpa jacket are both commanding the respect for their blend of fabric design endurance. We have rated the best to keep in the Wardrobe buy now before it goes out of stock.

men casual jacket



There is certain brands product sold because of name and Jack & Jones one such big name. It has a huge fan following. They have a long list of newly launched product every month but some of them last very soon. The men casual jacket is in the same category with outstanding quality made of 100% polyester. The perfect product to wear in any party and dazzle the floor.

men casual jacket



Another popular brand name in men’s category that offers a great product. The brand is more into denim jeans but to keep the customer connected they have brought the products like T-shirt, jacket, belts, cap, and accessories. The men casual jackets from Levis are made of perfect denim but this one is made of polyester to wear anywhere. As the culture of wearing jacket is going the brand is getting a positive response and became the number one number one brand in the men’s category and you can never go wrong with levis.

men casual jacket



A brand more engages in creating sports field wearable products. But they also took a step to connect with the youth and created men casual jacket, which is classy and sporty. The print on the jacket displayed all the sports game name. The typical design stuff that signifies the Adidas brand. The conventional stripe on the sleeves of the jacket makes it an Adidas product. It is perfect to wear in any party or casual outing with friends.

men casual jacket




Arrow sports a brand famous for creating sporting casual wear for men. They have the range of product from a t-shirt, shorts, trousers, jacket and suit and all of these looked quite sporty. The men casual jacket from Arrow has an amazing casual jacket from the house of Arrow. The jacket has an amazing Zig zag design to look more casual stuff. The jacket is wearable in any party or discotheque. Arrow jacket must wear with a round and V neck T-shirt along with a nice pair of jeans and chinos

men casual jacket



US Polo is an American brand engage in creating casual apparel for men and women category. As the name speaks Polo, the company is Polo enthusiast and making product inspired by equestrian sports. They are more into jeans, Polo T-shirt, jacket and Chinos and other men’s apparel. The man casual jacket is also a part of that and the range of jacket begins from a fancy jacket to winter jacket. The below jacket is true inspiration from the latest trend in the market. The US Polo men casual jacket always focuses on the latest trending in the market.

men casual jacket




Puma is a sports-centric brand and still keep on launching trendy apparel for brand promotion. The latest Association with Ferrari makes them push to launch some premium casual jacket and that reflect the sports and luxury of Ferrari. Ferrari is a worldwide luxury Sports car maker. The jacket has the amazing look and the very high-quality fabric is used to make it best. If you want to spend some money on the premium casual jacket then must invest in this.

men casual jacket


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geeky gadget


Before we reveal the unmatched list of geeky gadget we just want you to share with your friends ,if you like all the product from the core of your heart.

The compilation is not only from India but also from the rest of the world but surely you can buy in India from AMAZON.IN (Apni Dukkan). The link of the product is attached with the image or in buy now button.


The Apple walnut charger needed to keep your phone incharge all the time. It has become the first choice for apple phone users who inclined to buy this amazing accessories. 

The Walnut Wood Wireless Fast Charger, 5W/10W QI Wireless Fast Charging Pad for iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 plus and Note. 

The wireless charger is Real walnut wood material, Green Material and can effectively lower the temperature, protects your phones from overheating. Premium appearance, fashion, and portable!



When you feel bored in your office or college play some amazing game. The gaming gadget is compatible with all possible Headphones with Mic, RGB LED lights and Audio Splitter for PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, PC, iPhone and Android Phones. This is one of the decent gaming accessories to play smoothly, we recommend you to buy this gaming headset. 



The led speaker is really a one product that can make your partner happy. You can connect all your favourite songs and create some beautiful moments. This is completely wireless and chargeable .this geeky gadget has more demand for gifting to someone whom you love.


Zytlus an international brand create an amazing product to get the amazing picture through Apple iPhone.The Ztylus RV-3 Revolver Lens comes with four different inspiring lens options Macro Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Fisheye Lens and CPL  lens. 

The lens cases are quality crafted with a mixture of alloy, brass and premium polycarbonate for a truly luxurious feel and look. If you want clear and amazing pictures of your loved one then buy this before this geeky gadget goes out of stock.


The Apple phone is designed in style and every accessories also comes with great style. Everything from mount to USB cable comes with great style and design. It 256 GB and leather tag kept it .Compatible with any iPhone or iPad case, Easily transfer to and from multiple platforms Design for you and me, Fastest in town.

Apple MFi-Certified. You want to keep this geeky gadget best quality ever, Supports 4K video direct recording and access to any file type from your device.


The Jamstick Guitar is really a great musical instrument than a traditional guitar.If you want to transit from traditional guitar to Jamstik portable guitar you can shift easily.The string in the guitar are real strings and fret. 

The skills you learn on the jamstik+ translate seamlessly to a traditional guitar, so you can play both the guitar you love and your portable Jamstik without skipping a beat.


This is simple geeky gadget a watch ,timer, teprature ,tweets,email and recorder. The gadget is a wifi enabled and most hacks Connect to IFTTT and display notifications or launch actions with the click of a button Wake up to your favorite internet radio stations, stream music to stereo speakers via Bluetooth Standalone Wi-Fi device, iPhone or android smartphone is needed for configuration only.


The geeky gadget for the music lover, who wants music everywhere he goes but yes you can now have music in your bathroom without taking your phone. 

The Bluetooth shower speaker is waterproof and you can install in your washroom without question compatible with all Bluetooth gadget just connect and run the music you want to hear. 

It comes with a really amazing price you can gift to anybody who wants music anywhere. The stock is limited before it goes out of stock buy now.



The geeky gadget is not a pen it is a safety device that helps you to fight in a tough time. Being a girl or boy if you encounter a situation with some goons this might help you. 

So better is to know about gadget before using, it actually made of strong material such as steel or aircraft aluminum, tactical pens are designed to stand against both the unbearable heat and frigid cold, and it helps you to finish the number of tasks and protect you from your enemy. 

This is a highly recommended product to keep in your wardrobe buy before it goes out of stock.


Virtual keyboard is an extension of physical keyboard . It is solution to open bigger keyboard at any place and write what ever you want.You can pair laser protection keyword for your IPAD,TABLET, ANDRIOD,IOS and LAPTOP. It has an easy QWERTY keyboard and the battery is lithium based for easy recharge.


 The gaming mouse has some purpose that is why it is designed so intelligently and you can use it for a longer duration. All buttons in the mouse are programmable and 6 buttons in the mouse can be run smartly adding software to it, which is so advance to run this smart geeky gadget. The mouse is compatible it’s back and a forward button will be very helpful when browsing the web. Widely compatible with Windows10, windows8, Windows7, Windows XP, Vista etc. Note No programming function under Mac system.


The gaming chair is an amazing tech product on the list of the geeky gadget. If you want to enjoy watching TV, gaming or listening to music.The chair is intelligently designed with speaker enabled and all sockets for plug-in or plug-out. Built-in radio wireless receiver and included wireless transmitter work with any source with RCA outputs; optional RCA cables included Compatibility devices PSP Vita, PS2, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, iPod, IPAD, iPhone, MP3 Players, TV, CD, DVD, BluRay and most gaming device.


The PS4 is most advansed gaming stystem in the world of gaming industry .All the gadget geeks love to have PS4 in their portfolio it helps to move their mind swiftly . The industry is growing at faster rate and every single accessories is  important in PS4. It has an amazing PS4 control device designed ergonomically to give you the best comfort while playing. The DualShock 4 Wireless Controller features a built-in speaker and stereo headset jack, putting several new audio options in the player’s hands.


The Astronaut phone mount is a small piece of Idol made for your office deck. It just created to make you feel important person on the desk. You can place your iPhone and connect to play any game. Stand for cell phone work with all smartphones and e-readers, such as Nintendo Switch, iPhone 8 / X / 6 / 6s / 7 / 7 plus, Galaxy S8 / S7 / S6, LG, Motorola, HTC, IPAD mini, Samsung Tab, Google Nexus, Kindle and so on.    


 This is an amazing geeky gadget than run like a horse is a multifunctional device.You can play any music , it is Bluetooth speaker Pixel Art Creation: Create your own drawings and animations series via the user-friendly application, or choose ours from the application gallery.

Sleep aid: over 30 preset professional sleep-aid and smart alarms with both visual/audio supports. Fall asleep faster and wake up feeling fully energetic. Enhance communication: Hold the snooze button or use an in-app function to record your message

Great Speaker: 5 watts driver with a passive radiator, fine-tuned with DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology

Other built-in functions: FM tuner, temperature sensor, microphone, social media notification.


The Victorinox product is really an idealistic and best to put forward. The Laptop bag from Victorinox is an amazing peace to carry all important belonging. It comes with a global warranty of 10 years, the material used is water resistance and cool look of the bag will attract you. This geeky gadget can carry a laptop of 13 inches and side pockets to carry any important docs. The Victorinox has an amazing list of laptop bags if you click this you will go to the premium bag section


The Victorinox is known for swiss army knife and it most useful product in tough times when you are on your journey or climbing to mountains. It has got almost 10 usable attached to one single butt. There is a knife, wine opener, beer/soft drink bottle opener, Scissor, Wood saw and 15 other functions you can apply with this Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army knife. The high-grade steel is used to create this geeky gadget for all tough times at campaigning, hiking, and climbing.


The drone was so popular and considered as a geeky gadget in the electronic category but as the market grows it became the first choice for many corporate companies. All the marriages are not filmed without drones. The reals estate companies to traveler all are frequently buying drones to capture the live moments. It is not only capturing still moments but every single activity can be captured when you play or run.